Restaurant "Fontane"

In the restaurant "Fontane" the team will surprise you with excellent culinary creations from the regional and international cuisine. We will be happy to fulfil your wish for seasonally fresh dishes! With our constantly changing menu, suitable for the season, we keep our fingers on the pulse.

YOU - our guest!

On warm summer evenings you can enjoy the cosy and rural atmosphere with a nice evening with family, friends or colleagues on our garden terrace. You are also welcome to have a barbecue buffet served.

With a chilled drink and light meals, everyday life can be quickly forgotten. The service takes care of your well-being.

On cooler days, you can spend a few relaxing hours in our stylishly furnished restaurant - always perfectly covered, we welcome you at Fontane.

In our bistro there is again time for the last reworking of the day or the evening meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, our service team will also take care of your wishes.

Round off your day with a last "good drink" at our hotel bar. A careful selection of wines, but also spirits - from whisky to grappa, vodka and gin we have ready for you.

YOU - want to give away!

If you want to surprise someone with a romantic Candle Light Dinner , then the restaurant "Fontane" is your address. We will serve you a menu according to your wishes. Even the most spontaneous are very welcome.

There is no exact date yet, but you need a gift - then we will gladly issue you a Voucher  for our restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant "Fontane" in Schwerin-Krebsförden.

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Our Menu


Gratinated cream goat cheese on rucet
with housemade onion jelly and herb pesto
8,50 €
Autumn lettuce mixture
with roasted herbseitlings,
walnuts, pomegranate and parmesan dressing
9,00 €
Smoked duck breast
with red cabbage confit and potato rösti
on lamb's lettuce with balsamic dressing
10,50 €


Tomato-pepper soup
with mozzarella and basil foam
6,50 €
with shrimps and chili
6,50 €
Soup from Hokkaido pumpkin
with parsnips, potatoes and mettwurst slices
6,00 €

Vegetarian Dishes

Colourful vegetable dauphinoise gratiné
with feta cheese
8,50 €
Spinach dumpling
on glazed cherry tomatoes with sage butter
9,50 €
Smoked tofu in a sesame coat
with pumpkin-leek vegetables and wild rice
12,50 €


with root vegetables, caper sauce and mashed potatoes
15,50 €
Fried filet of perch
on pointed cabbage in cream,
thereto beetroot-potato gnocchi
17,50 €
Fried salmon filet
with a horseradish crust,
on leaf spinach in cream with wild rice
18,00 €


Corn-fed chicken on orange sauce
with carrots-mashed potatoes and green asparagus
16,80 €
Turkey escalope in Parmesan
on courgettes and pepper on courgettes and pepper
in tomato sauce with spaghetti
15,90 €


Lamb roulade
with thyme sauce, string beans with bacon
and creamed potatoes
16,50 €

Susländer Pork

The purely Prok from Schleswig-Holstein!

Pork fillet from Susländer
with pointed cabbage in cream and duchesses potatoes
18,00 €
Saddle of pork steak from Susländer
with herb sauce on pumpkin-leek vegetables and potato rösti
16,50 €

Beef & Veal

on fried wild mushrooms and pepper sauce with sweet potato fries
25,50 €
Wiener Schnitzel
with homemade fried potatoes
and small salad with balsamic dressing
18,50 €


with basil-curd-mousse
with marinated strawberries
6,00 €
Two curd dumplings
filled with nougat and apricots
on vanilla sauce with red fruits
7,50 €
Mild-spicier Appenzeller
cheese with homemade onion jelly,
grapes, butter and baguette
9,50 €
“A sweet delight”
Tiramisu with pieplant
4,50 €

Die gesetzlich geforderten Angaben zu den verwendeten Zusatzstoffe und den in den Speisen enthaltenen Allergene erfragen Sie bitte beim Servicepersonal.